Young man beaten to death with stick in noise debate – News

Gürültü tartışmasında genç adama öldüresiye sopalı dayak

The incident took place in Alanya district at around 02:30 last night. Allegedly, VG, who was learned to work in a hotel in front of the open market, tried to help tourists shopping. Meanwhile, an unidentified person named MB, who was disturbed by loud conversations and sitting in one of the surrounding buildings, came down to the front of the market with a stick in his hand. While M.B. was trying to calm the officers, the man who shouted “What a noise we will go to work in the morning at 02:30”, the person started hitting the young man with a stick who said “what a noise” at that time. The young man, staggered by the blow of the attacker, who repeatedly hit the young man with a stick, without allowing VG to respond and the intervention of those around him, collapsed to the ground with the final blow to his head. After the young man collapsed to the ground, the attacker, who was walking towards the grocery store, withdrew on the cries of tourists. While the events were recorded second to second by the neighbors on their mobile phones, health and police teams were dispatched to the scene upon notice. While the seriously injured young man was receiving treatment in the intensive care unit, MB, who was detained and claimed that the young man cursed at him, was arrested and sent to prison. Veliddin Yenialp, Chairman of Alanya Chamber of Groceries and Dealers, stated that he was very upset when he watched the footage and condemned the attack.

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