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Another match day has come when the patience of the fans will be tested. With our tribune culture, which calls Mustafa Er ‘garbage’ and Fatih Tekke as ‘hippie, ignorant’, I wonder how much we can tolerate Özcan Bizati, the last mohican to come out of the bingo; We’ll find out by testing. The man took the science of this business in Sports Academies; He always had ‘win by attacking’ on his mind; ‘He wants to be the one who surrenders, not the one who surrenders’, isn’t it enough to allow time by showing some tolerance?… Ankaragücü match replaces advance… God forbid; Otherwise, can we lie on our ears and open a second loan with the motto ‘the first match will not be a sin’? it should definitely be… xxx No matter how much he knows; It is quite normal for the players that he is not with during the off season to be mistaken in the use of capacity. The next week is the men’s game, and the next week is the international game break. Here’s 20-odd days that you’ll use head to head like a man; Whether the take away team is a mountain, a plain or a seaside, the decision is yours; Let the children go out onto the field as a candle when this long gap period is over, by loading the places you see as missing. xxx I don’t think it’s possible that the management will go into a new frenzy from now on and make an operation on the technical staff. He can’t do it anyway… When he tries to look for the fifth; ‘friend, your case file is bloated. You fired anyone who came your way by looking at the score of one or two games. How do you know that you won’t treat me the same the day after tomorrow? I have no intention of being a test board. Let’s go to another door. because we have already passed the end of the road and the last crossroad before the exit… xxx What are you going to do? management, chairman, media, fans, social media; Everyone from A to Z, that is… What anger, what hatred; I can’t believe what a disgrace this is; ‘Remove it, send this, that ‘garbage’ this ‘medlar’; enough, isn’t it? xxx The damage we have done to Bursaspor’s image is incalculable in the last two months… We are registered, we have no reputation; we are on the black list… Oh my ‘Bursaspor’; the old days are long gone; Do you know that there is a record increase in the number of people who say ‘don’t go if you’re smart? xxx This teacher; Our last chance for this season, I swear… If we post him too, they won’t look at us… Let me tell you, we’ll even call Mustafa Er, who we don’t like… He doesn’t come anyway; We did not say anything to the child, after all, he is also a human being…. In fact, even; We can’t even convince my dear Ali Aköz, whom I greatly admired during my acting years… With this mindset… the trolls inspired by the social media of our monstrous mood who ate their own child should also shut up… xxx Full support to Özcan Bizati… Mind Although he went off the rails by making mistake after mistake due to the misdirection of his teachers; Emin Adanur, whose credit still continues, also to the president and his administration… For our own children forever… With the rest of the staff, I do not keep foreigners apart from them. In the final analysis; ‘Full support, always support, forever’ and also… xxx We don’t have much to do to get a legend up and running again… I wrote above one by one; If we finish it, we will finish this work this year; with our hands, with our hearts, with our minds… Even if we end up, we will end this year, by God or by God; then don’t look for Bursaspor or something… The last address is to dig up the garbage… Like Mersin İdman Yurdu, like Eskişehirspor; It’s like Kocaeli Spor once upon a time… Even if you dig up the history of the club that you have admired for its seven ancestors, you cannot find it in stinking containers… xxx If we believe, we stand behind it; This squad, which finished the first half in the top 10, with good or bad; With 3 reinforcements to be made between halftime, it will recover itself and enter its range. Even if not directly, we will get out of the play-offs… xxx Ankaragücü match is the first test tonight; hopefully we will come out with a clear face and look ahead… By swallowing all kinds of bad words that you can think of in advance; Are you ready to sail towards the good, the beautiful, the right? Vira bismillah; God forbid…

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Bursaspor’s current rival Ankaragücü –