US Defense Minister threatens North Korea!

General Mattis, who is in official contact with the Seoul metropolitan government, noted that he had carried out threatening words and actions with his North Korean missile launches and nuclear weapons program in his press release before meeting with his home counterpart, Han Min-kooy. Mattis said his pledges to defend South Korea and other alliances in Asia Pacific were steel-like Etti

Mattis said that any use of nuclear weapons in any way would lead to an overwhelming response to the US or our allies,

South Korean Defense Minister Han Min-koo, recalling the phone conversations between President Trump and President Abdul Hwang Kyo-ahn during our recent days, expressed satisfaction with his election to South Korea for his first overseas visit after Mattis took office

Han emphasized that this decision was a clear indication of Washington’s commitment to bilateral alliance and defense of South Koren

The Pentagon chief Mattis Deli is known by the nickname of Dog or Rabbit Dog General Mattis, who conducted field commanders during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, argued particularly during the invasion of Iraq in the face of conflicts in Felluo

Mattisin is expected to finish his contacts in Seoul today to Japan


Shortly before the visit to the White House, North Korea explained that North Korea policy had been taken into consideration, but did not give information about the content of the resolution in question

The newspaper, based on two White House sources, pointed out that the Trump administration could design a new policy with different attitudes in the face of worries that North Korea could hit the United States with a nuclear title. The paper also pointed out that Trumpin was in the last days He has received detailed intelligence briefings on the Korean issue


The most critical item in the context of Mattisin is the deployment of THAAD patches on Korean soil

The system planned to be put into operation against ballistic effects from North Korea sees violent reaction from China due to advanced radar system

The Beijing administration believes that existing air defense systems like Patriot are sufficient against the ballistic good that is in the hands of North Korenin, believes THAAD system will set itself on the peninsula and is in retaliation warnings


In an analysis of China’s official news agency Xinhua Mattisin about his contacts, he pointed to the THAAD issue and noted that the Trump administration seemed to be offering a dangerous first-meeting gift to the region

While the Trump administration in the analysis was early to rule on general Asian policy, the politician’s follow-up to the politician cautioned that the probable rules of the game had been tested before, with failure and provocation

Developed by Lockheed Martin, the THAAD (Last Stage High Altitude Zone Advance) ballistic missile can be seen outside the atmosphere The Kremlin objections that the system of carrying the potential to change strategic military balance in the east of the Asian is placed on Korean soil

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