Uluabat Lake is dying

Uluabat Lake is dying

Uluabat Lake, with an area of ​​136 square kilometers, is home to many living things as an important freshwater lake connected to Bursa. Uluabat Lake, which is shown among Turkey’s rich lakes in terms of plankton and bottom creatures, aquatic plants, fish and bird population, is facing the danger of extinction day by day. Declared as a Ramsar site by the Ministry of Environment in 1998, the lake has once again come to the fore with algal blooms in recent days. It has been reported that the algae, which disappear with the cooling of the weather, increase in summer every year. The reason for the emergence of algae, which disappears spontaneously with the cooling of the air, is mainly attributed to global climate changes and environmental factors. The impact of global warming is great, Murat Demir, Member of the Board of the Nature and Environment Protection Association (DOĞADER), said, “We often hear about algal blooms in Lake Uluabat lately. We receive complaints from the local people. Uluabat Lake is also seriously affected by global warming. The water resources that feed Uluabat Lake are decreasing. This decrease causes shallowness in Uluabat Lake. The deepest part of the lake fell to 1-1.5 meters. If this goes on like this, this place will face the danger of extinction in the near future, like many other lakes in Turkey.” Factories draw water from the lake Pointing out that algae will pose a problem in lakes like mucilage in the Marmara Sea, Murat Demir said, “We see these algae in many of our lakes. As of the season, the air temperatures dropped and the algae stopped when the cooling started. At least not visible. This does not mean that the algae have disappeared. It becomes more intense every year. The water resources that feed Uluabat are also under threat. The Çınarcık Dam was formed just above and there is serious water going there. Although the Çınarcık Dam provides water to Uluabat, it is not enough. Industrial establishments close to here draw water from this lake to a great extent. This is wrong. Uluabat Lake is dying. Water should not be sent to industrial establishments and organized industrial zones from here. Every drop of water in this lake matters. “The water here should stay here,” he said.

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