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It's not just a stadium... - Ali ŞAHİN

Starting the FIBA ​​Champions League with the victory of Filou Oostende, TOFAŞ hosted the Estonian representative Kalev/Cramo in its second match. Even though the fight that started at 19.00 on weekdays was a European Cup match, unfortunately the stands were empty again. Of course, one of the biggest reasons for the inability to use the capacity in the hall, which may be fifty percent full due to the pandemic, is of course the starting time. If we take into account the traffic of many people in our country, especially in Bursa, at 18.00, it would be meaningful to wait for the hall to be full at these hours. The 20.00 event, which 7Days EuroCup has been familiar with for years, is also necessary for this organization. **** If we cut the introduction short and return to the game, TOFAŞ found rhythm after the first moments of bad start. The Estonian team started harder than expected. The first three minutes were tied 6-6. Then, while our representative kept up with the opponent’s empty attacks, they increased gear in the second half of the quarter. The match accelerated when the Estonian team filled the foul right with three and a half minutes before the end of the quarter, causing the defensive guard to drop as well. The young player of TOFAŞ, Ali Taşkın, was the young player who took time in this match. After making 3 fouls, he left his place to Berke while coming to the side. Finally, with the recovery at the end of the first quarter, TOFAŞ had the advantage of 25-18 and started the second 10 minutes with a 7-point advantage. *** In the second 10 minutes, things did not turn out as we had hoped. Kalev Cramo (27-30), who suddenly caught a 12-2 series, gave Coach Hakan Demir a time-out with 6:39 left. The trend did not change on the return of the timeout. Hakan also got a technical foul, and the series was 13-2 and 31-27 in favor of the opponent. With 4:39 remaining to the end of the quarter, Berk Uğurlu woke up TOFAŞ from his nightmare with his three-pointer. Even though Silins answered Berk, Berk threw it again. The team that remembered to throw took time to remember to hold the opponent. While entering the last 1 minute, the score reached 38-38 and the visiting team went to a timeout. On the way back, TOFAŞ scored, and in Cramo, Lewis took a rabbit out of the hat in 4 seconds and made it to the locker room with 40-40 equality. *** TOFAŞ experienced a nightmarish second half start. Everything started well with Zubcic’s three, but it didn’t continue. Missing shots were wrong shots, and in the 27th minute, the opponent increased the lead to double digits. (49-59) Emre Tanısan was the name that would wake the team up before the match got out of hand. While the young player scored his first European points of the season from the free throw line, he enlivened the game on behalf of his team with a three pointer and 1 rebound. When the score was 59-56 with Berk’s three pointer, the opponent took a time-out. Returning from time-out, TOFAŞ could not catch up with its opponent, but started the last 10 minutes with hope. (58-62) Emre fit 6 numbers in that short time. *** The opponent started the last 10 minutes with a three-pointer, but Emre answered. At 32.09, Nurger came aside with a five. Then the technique was played to Muhsin. Pako Cruz leveled the score at 3:30, as the match was in the middle. (71-71) The Estonian team once again had the upper hand as time went on, rubbing off their unsportsmanlike bread that was stolen from Cook. (74-79) The score was 75-79 on the return of TOFAŞ’s timeout and there were 32 seconds left when Kalev Cramo fouled and gave the ball to our representative. With 18 seconds left, Pako Cruz went 77-79. Return of the time-out Cramo was unable to put the ball in play. TOFAŞ could not play and lost the ball. When he fouled with 1.9 seconds left, the score jumped to 77-81. The match ended with that score. *** TOFAŞ experienced a lot of ups and downs throughout the match and the opponent punished this situation a lot, but we should not forget the referee trio of the match. They had mashallah. They rang to TOFAŞ and warned Cramo. Of course, the absence of audience pressure worked for them. After all, it wasn’t easy to beat 8 people on the field and it wasn’t. Simmons’ absence leaves a different wound in our hearts…

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