The destruction of the buildings that shadow the history of Bursa was viewed with a drone – News


Within the scope of the Historical Bazaar and Hanlar Region Çarşıbaşı Urban Design Project, which will mark the future of Bursa, the demolition of 2 more multi-storey buildings with frontage to the main street has been completed. The historical silhouette of the region began to come to light with the destructions made one after the other. The moments of collapse of high-rise buildings were captured both from the air and from the land. The project, which will restore the Historical Bazaar and Inns District, which started to form in the 14th century in Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, and completed its development in the 16th century with the formation of inns, covered bazaars and bazaars, is progressing step by step. In the project of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which was also supported by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the demolition of the Red Crescent, İş-Kur, Central Bank building, 15 shops surrounding the tomb behind the Brass Inn and 4 buildings in the interior had been completed before. Following the completion of the expropriation procedures, the Metropolitan Municipality accelerated the demolition work of the high-rise buildings, especially on the main street. Demolition in multi-storey buildings While the expropriation works on one side continued, on the other hand, demolition started in multi-storey buildings that were completed and evacuated. After the destruction of the 5-storey building facing Cemal Nadir Street at the beginning of the week, the Metropolitan Municipality teams now demolished the 7-storey building with a floor area of ​​270 square meters, facing the street. In the demolition, where the traffic was stopped on the main street and all security measures were taken, the building, which was destroyed by construction equipment and main columns, was destroyed in a short time. With the demolition of these two buildings, the historical silhouette of the region, especially the rice Han and the Ulu Mosque, came to light. In the meantime, the demolition of 2 buildings, which are located next to the shopping center on the same line and whose expropriation has been completed, will be carried out in the coming days.

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