The car that rolled over was dragged for meters: Father and son returned from the dead


The car with license plate 71 AG 077 under the administration of Servet Dölek, got out of control on the Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard in Kırıkkale and drifted 55 meters, somersaulting many times. The father and son in the car, which could lie on their side, were seriously injured. Health and police teams were sent to the scene with a report to the 112 Emergency Call Center. Servet (48) and his son Ömer Dölek (21), who were injured in the accident, were transferred to the Medical Faculty Hospital by ambulance. It was learned that the health conditions of the injured people who were taken under treatment were severe. The police launched an investigation into the accident.News Source: İhlas News Agency (İHA) Bursa news, Turkey News, Breaking news on HABER16.COM, breaking news titled “The car that rolled over was dragged by meters: Father and son returned from the dead” (İHA) automatically added to the “ASAYİŞ” news on “14.10.2021” by the system. The content of this news was published automatically by the agency without any editorial intervention by the editors of HABER16.COM. The car that rolled over, which is in the category of “ASAYİŞ” news, drifted for meters: The legal addressee and responsible of all the text, photo and video content of the news titled: Father and son returned from the dead are the agencies that mentioned the news.

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