The car he set out to use at the circumcision wedding caught fire – News, News


The incident took place at around 06:00 in the E-5 Highway Zeytinburnu location, in the direction of Topkapı. According to the information received, Ceyhun Şentürk, the driver of the car with license plate number 07 L 1130, set off from Istanbul to Eskişehir for his nephew’s circumcision wedding. While driving on the highway, smoke suddenly rose from the engine part of the car, which he would use at the circumcision wedding, for an undetermined reason. The driver of the car, Şentürk, threw himself out with fear and panic and informed the police and firefighters about the situation. While the fire brigades took control of the fire in the vehicle, which turned into a fireball, the car and the suitcases loaded with clothes almost turned into ashes. Expressing that no one stopped, even though he asked for help on the road, Ceyhun Şentürk said, “The engine caught fire. There was no malfunction of the vehicle, I was alone in the vehicle. Of course, panicked when I saw that it caught fire. naturally people forget the fire extinguisher in their own car. Also, it was behind the driver’s seat. “There isn’t any.” “The car he set out to use at the circumcision wedding caught fire” b Breaking news with ash was automatically added to the “ASAYİŞ” news on “15.09.2021” by İhlas News Agency (İHA). The content of this news was published automatically by the agency without any editorial intervention by the editors of HABER16.COM. The legal addressee and responsible of all the articles, photographs and video contents of the news titled “The car that he set out to use in the circumcision wedding”, which is in the category of “ASAYİŞ” news, is on fire.

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