Smuggled hookah tobacco operation in Istanbul: Over 1 ton of product seized


According to the information obtained, the teams of the Istanbul Police Department Anti-Smuggling Crimes, which received the intelligence that many brands of hookah tobacco were smuggled into the country and would be stored in a warehouse in Istanbul’s Pendik district and put on the market, decided to operate with the permission obtained from the Istanbul Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office. As part of the investigation carried out, the security teams determined that the customs smuggled hookah tobacco, which was smuggled into the country, was stored in Pendik and would be marketed throughout Istanbul, on 12 October, the security teams carried out an operation against the said warehouse. In the raid, which also included a sensitive-nosed detector dog, a wide-ranging examination was carried out in the warehouse. During the searches in the warehouse, it was seen that there were parcels of wet wipes. As a result of the sensitive-nosed detector search dog anger reacting to the wet wipe boxes, the searches were concentrated on these boxes. In the opened boxes, 2 thousand 160 packages of customs smuggled hookah tobacco, with a tared weight of 1 ton and 80 kilograms, with a market value of approximately 300 thousand liras, were seized, hidden among wet wipes. During the operation, 2 suspects who were found to be related to smuggled tobacco were caught and detained. It was stated that judicial action was taken against both suspects for the crime of “5607 SKM”. News Source: İhlas News Agency (İHA) Bursa news, Turkey News, Breaking news on HABER16.COM. Breaking news titled “Smuggled hookah tobacco operation in Istanbul: Over 1 ton of product seized” was automatically added to the “ASAYİŞ” news on “14.10.2021” by İhlas News Agency (İHA). The content of this news was published automatically by the agency without any editorial intervention by the editors of HABER16.COM. The legal addressee and responsible of all the text, photo and video content of the news titled “Smuggled hookah tobacco operation in Istanbul: Over 1 ton of product seized”, which is in the category of “ASAYİŞ” news, are the agencies that have reported the news.

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