Photo that boosts morale in tourism – İhsan Aydın

Photo that boosts morale in tourism - İhsan Aydın

The pandemic has hit all countries and sectors of the world for two years. There is no sector left unaffected by the Covid-19 virus. The tourism industry is one of them. All countries’ goals, projections and expectations were confused. When health became a priority, some secondary plans such as holidays were suspended, postponed, postponed. On top of that, some countries put the countries they deem risky in terms of health on the ‘red list’. As such, tourism professionals suffered a great loss. A friend of ours who has a tourism agency in Cologne, Germany sent the photo above. During the pandemic, Turkish companies kept Germany’s tourism sector and airports alive. So, if there are no flights to Turkey, the airports will become inoperable or completely damaged. We can easily see this on the board where the list of planes departing from the airport is located. Almost all of the routes of the planes departing from Cologne Bonn Airport show Turkey. This is a pleasing situation for the country’s tourism. It is also a matter of pride for tourism professionals of Turkish origin doing business in Germany. So, Turkey is still a favorite of German tourists. It is understood that the Germans, who wrote Turkey first in their holiday preferences, bought tickets from agencies to come to our country even in the last days of the summer months. Antalya’s predominant flight route shows that despite the pandemic, Turkey remains a preferred holiday destination from all over the world. We think that Turkey, which is one of the most desired countries to be seen, visited and vacationed in, with its sea and quality service sector, will close the pandemic deficit in tourism in a short time. As the effect of the pandemic wears off, the number of planes departing from the airports of countries such as Germany will increase even more. This photo aside, it caught our attention in the news yesterday. It is seen that direct flights to Antalya from four more cities of Russia have started. All these are promising developments for the future. The number and income of tourists may not be as much as previous years, but we think that this gap will be closed with more tourists coming to our country as the epidemic is overcome. We would also like to congratulate our citizens who are tourism professionals in Germany. They also think of their own country abroad. Do you know that some competition parts of Teknofest are held in Bursa? A proud aviation event of Turkey has been held in Istanbul for years. Teknofest also decided to expand to Anatolia. Returning to Istanbul after Gaziantep, some parts of the event started to be held in Anatolia. Some parts of Teknofest, which is famous around the world, are being held in Bursa this year. Our city has been chosen for events such as UAVs and combat drones, but how much are the people of Bursa aware of this? We think that the communication leg of the organization is weak. Of course, there are announcements on the boards, but how much does this reflect on the media and digital sharing sites? We also congratulate the unmanned aerial vehicle teams of Bursa Technical University, which showed great success in the race. Indeed, there is a great curiosity for aviation in Bursa. However, we think that its organization is weak in terms of communication with the press. I’ve been a digital attack that will end bureaucracy. We are someone who complains about possible bureaucracy. Bureaucracy in almost every field is a major obstacle in the development and development of the country. Some bureaucrats themselves investigate, etc. The bureaucracy takes shelter behind its majesty in order to ensure such transactions, but in the digital age, there is no point in causing difficulties and resistance to the citizens anymore. A pleasing news came from Yıldırım Municipality to our e-mail yesterday. With the instruction of President Oktay Yılmaz, municipal officials are now going to the feet of the tradesmen who want to get a license for their workplaces. After the construction licenses, the process of obtaining non-sanitary establishment licenses, which used to take up to 6 months, has been reduced from 15 days to one month with the application of electronic signature. Every new workplace opened means a great contribution to the development of the district. Aware of this, Mayor Oktay Yılmaz has focused on digital transactions in the units in his municipality. We celebrate. We are among those who believe that every bureaucratic obstacle removed will benefit Yıldırım and Yıldırımlı.

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