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The accident occurred in the district of Kızılcapınar Dam. According to the information obtained, Halit G., who was driving with an agricultural vehicle known as patpat among the people, had an accident as a result of losing his steering control. While the patpat driver was injured in the accident, the citizens who saw the incident rushed to help the injured person and reported the situation to the 112 Emergency Call Center. After the medical teams who came to the scene gave the first aid to the injured, Kdz. He was taken to Eregli State Hospital. It was learned that the injured Halit G., whose treatment was started immediately, had bruises on his knee caps and ribs. An investigation has been launched regarding the accident. News Source: İhlas News Agency (İHA) Bursa news, Turkey News, Breaking news on HABER16.COM The breaking news titled “Patpat accident in Ereğli: 1 injured” was published by İhlas News Agency (İHA) It was automatically added to the “ASAYİŞ” news on “26.09.2021” by the system. The content of this news was published automatically by the agency without any editorial intervention by the editors of HABER16.COM. The legal addressee and responsible of all the text, photo and video content of the news titled “Patpat accident in Ereğli: 1 injured person”, which is in the category of “ASAYİŞ” news, are the agencies that mentioned the news.

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