Palestinian government to resign

The Palestinian Authoritys oneness government will resign Leader Mahmoud Abbas has stated

He told his Fatah faction the cabinet needed to be dissolved since the rival Hamas movement wouldn’t let it be employed in Gaza so it rules

However a Hamas spokesperson stated it declined any unilateral dissolution

The technocratic cabinet composed of 17 independent ministers was sworn each year ago to try and finish a lengthy-running rift between Fatah and Hamas

The 2 factions had governed individually since Hamas which won parliamentary elections in the year 2006 ousted Fatah from Gaza in 2007 departing the PA regulating just areas of free airline Bank

Although Fatah and Hamas formally backed the oneness government deep divisions continued to be leading to political paralysis the BBCs Yolande Knell reviews

Fatah accuses Hamas of attempting to produce a completely independent Islamic condition in Gaza Hamas brings about Fatah by saying it eliminates new elections because it fears losing them our correspondent adds

Israel has was adamant it won’t cope with a government supported by Hamas that is sworn to the destruction

On Wednesday evening Leader Abbas told people of Fatahs Revolutionary Council the government would need to be dissolved within 24 hrs because Hamas didnt allow it to operate in Gaza

However cabinet spokesperson Ihab Bseiso stated he was unaware of this type of decision We’d a conference today so we didnt discuss this problem he told the AFP news agency

Hamas also expressed surprise in the presidents announcement

Hamas rejects anyone-on the sides alternation in the federal government with no agreement of parties spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri told AFP

No-one told us anything about any decision to alter with no one conferred with us about any alternation in the oneness government Fatah behaved by itself in most regards

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