Now put that phone down quietly – Emine Askoldamca

In today’s world, which is increasingly leading us to individualization, we have unfortunately forgotten to smile. We even avoided eye contact while talking to the other person, let alone smiling. We couldn’t spare our precious time for ourselves. This disconnection of communication that I observed around me draws my attention. The answer to the question posed by the customer is given by the tradesmen who do not look up from their work. By the way, this customer is the same customer as the customer who left the shop without saying goodbye, even having a good day, as he puts the change in his wallet. Good mornings at work… At homes, in family conversations, ‘How was your day?’ to the question, eyes cut off on the phone… I say: Are we living this life too hastily and carelessly? While everything is getting easier with technology in today’s world, it sounds very strange that it is difficult to communicate with our environment at the same speed, doesn’t it? Now, although machines do almost all our daily activities and we can do many things with our phone, people are always in need of people… We need a friend to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, a sweet smile in our joy; so we all need those two words. And unfortunately, nothing defined by substance can meet this need. However, making eye contact and smiling are the main elements of a healthy communication. And we have lives that are much more valuable than the ones we try to live inside those little screens. That’s why we have a culture where a cup of coffee is remembered for forty years; We have a religion where a smile is considered charity. It is the language, the word, that makes a person human. What makes society a society is the communication established by the individuals it contains with each other. It is this love that unites us and makes our bond stronger. So, when you are in contact with someone, put aside what you are interested in for a moment and give your full attention to the other person. Because that person has chosen YOU to learn the right information about a subject he does not know or to share an experience he has experienced. So you are important to that person. We shouldn’t see a thank you to those who make our job easier, a ‘good morning’ to those who share our mornings, and a smile to anyone who is dealing with us. With healthy communication, we can strengthen both our social relations and our social integrity.

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