Incredible event in Bolivia! Human finger came out of hamburger – News


In the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, a human finger was found in a hamburger eaten by a woman. Benitez, who first announced the event on his Facebook account and then made statements to the national press, said that he had suffered psychological trauma due to the incident and that he might have been poisoned. According to the news that AA based on the Bolivian official news agency ABI, Deputy Minister of Defense for User and Consumer Rights Jorge Silva stated that a judicial investigation was launched in 20 branches of the business where the incident occurred. WORKER WHICH MEAT MAIN LOSS LOSE 2 FINGERS Silva stated that after the worker who works with a mincing machine and grinds 45 to 80 kilos of meat a day, lost 2 fingers, it is being investigated whether meat mixed with human residue goes to other branches. In the written statement made by the business, which has 20 branches in Bolivia, “In the face of an accident that happened to one of our employees, the company has implemented all emergency protocols, always keeping the health of the worker in the recovery phase.” expression was used.

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