He reported ‘I was beaten’, his mother’s body was found in his home – News

He reported 'I was beaten', his mother's body was found in his home - News

The incident occurred at around 13.00 on the fourth floor of an apartment on Ordu Caddesi in Yeni Mahalle. Allegedly, Ayşe Baytok’s neighbors, who had not heard from her son Mustafa Baytok since Sunday, reported the situation to the police on suspicion. When the teams came to the scene, they found the old woman motionless in the bed, covered with a sheet, when she entered the door that she had opened with a locksmith. Medical teams were dispatched to the region upon notification of the situation. It was determined that Ayşe Baytok died in the control performed by the medical teams. After the prosecutor’s examination, Ayşe Baytok’s body was taken to the Nazilli State Hospital morgue for autopsy. Mustafa Baytok, who called the medical teams to his house on the allegation that he was attacked by three people on Monday, 13 September, and was taken to Nazilli State Hospital by ambulance, was taken for treatment. After the incident, the residents of the apartment, who saw the phone with traces of blood on the stairs leading to the attic of the apartment, reported to the police. The teams who came to the address on the notice took the phone to the security. One day after the incident, Ayşe Baytok was found dead in her home, and her son Mustafa Baytok was detained by the police as a murder suspect at the hospital where she was being treated. After being detained, he told the police that his mother threw a porcelain plate at him and his forehead was split open. On the other hand, the images of Baytok, who was taken into custody for allegedly killing her mother by beating her, went to the buffet opposite their house after the incident, and after sitting for a while, drank soda and left, and she was uneasy, the images were reflected on the security cameras of the workplace. On the other hand, images emerged of Baytok going to the liquor store located under the apartment in the early hours of the morning to buy alcohol for his son two days before he died. It has been reported that Mustafa Baytok, whose interrogation is continuing at the police station, did not accept the murder.

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