He fell down from the historical city walls in Bursa – B Gazete

He fell down from the historical city walls in Bursa - B Gazete

Click on the picture for the news album SA, who climbed the 15-meter-high historical city walls to watch the scenery in Bursa, lost its balance and fell. He went out to watch the scenery, lost his balance and fell. The incident occurred at around 03.30 in the historical Bursa city walls of the central Osmangazi district. Saadettin A., who went out to watch the scenery on the historical walls above Kuruçeşme Neighborhood, allegedly lost his balance and fell from a height of 15 meters into a wooded area. Saadettin A., who slowed down by hitting the tree branches, fell to the ground and was injured. Hearing the request for help, the people of the neighborhood reported the situation to the police. Upon the notification, many police and medical teams were sent to the region. While the teams started work to reach the area where Saadettin A. fell, they asked for support from the fire department. Determining that there was an entrance to the wooded area from the garden of an abandoned building on Bayır Sokak, the teams took action to save the injured Saadettin A. After the first intervention, A., who was taken to the stretcher, was pulled out with difficulty from where he fell. While the police, fire brigade and health teams mobilized to get the citizen out of the area where he fell, the residents of the neighborhood also participated in the work. After about 40 minutes of work, the rescued SA was taken to the ambulance and taken to Çekirge State Hospital. It was learned that Saadettin A., who was found to have many fractures in various parts of his body, maintains the seriousness of his health condition. Police teams investigating the area launched an investigation into the incident.

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