He drank alcohol in Bursa and leaked at the top of the pole.

He drank alcohol in Bursa and leaked at the top of the pole.

The incident occurred in the Mahmudiye neighborhood cemetery. Tayfun A. allegedly drank alcohol. Under the influence of alcohol, he climbed the 15-meter-high pole belonging to the GSM company. The person who rose to a height of 10 meters, infiltrated there. After a while, the shopkeepers around saw the person lying motionless on the pole. Citizens reported the situation to the police. Police, firefighters and 112 teams were dispatched to the scene. Police teams tried to wake him up by calling out. After a while, the person who woke up got down from the pole that he had come out with his own means. Tayfun A. could not get over his shock for a long time, as he could not remember when and how he climbed the pole. The person was taken to the police station for his statement.

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