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The trainees who will participate in the “flat weaving operator” courses to be organized within the framework of the Vocational Education and Skills Development Cooperation project (MEGIP) to be carried out with İŞKUR will start work after the 2-month training. Trainees will also be given pocket money of 108 liras per day by İŞKUR during the training. The trainees who will receive training for one month at BUTGEM will continue their training in the real working environment in the remaining time. Trainees whose jobs are ready in the factories will also be given pocket money of 108 TL for each course day by İŞKUR during the training. Businesses employing trainees will be able to benefit from SSI premium incentives for a minimum of 12 months and a maximum of 48 months. BTSO Chairman of the Board İbrahim Burkay said that BUTGEM operates in a closed area of ​​12 thousand square meters in Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone (DOSAB). Noting that they organized training programs at BUTGEM by receiving the demands of the industrialists, İbrahim Burkay said, “So far, we have made approximately 35 thousand people professional with over 1,100 training programs. In the new period, we are starting flat weaving operator courses in line with the demands from our textile industry. “We are having a hard time finding a worker. Thanks to the work we have done with İŞKUR, we will organize vocational courses with employment guarantee. There is no graduation requirement for participating in the courses. We offer a great opportunity to those who want to have a job.” Noting that Bursa is among the most successful cities of Turkey in MEGIP, Mayor İbrahim Burkay reminded that the city has been in the first place in the category of the number of trainees benefiting from the project for the last two years. While MEGIP contributes to the training of the workforce needed in line with the demands of employers, it also offers important opportunities for job seekers. 108 TL daily pocket money is paid by İŞKUR to trainees who attend vocational training courses organized within the scope of MEGIP, which will not exceed 160 actual days. In addition, work accident and occupational disease and general health insurance premiums of the trainees are covered by İŞKUR. Employers can also benefit from various incentives for additional employment.

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