Frutti Extra Bursaspor is at EuroCup again – Ali ŞAHİN

The participants of the new season were announced at 7Days EuroCup, which completed the organization without changing the status and the conditions were extremely difficult due to the pandemic last year. Frutti Extra Bursaspor also took part in the group announced after the last meeting of the Euroleague Commercial Assets Board of Directors. This season, 20 teams from 13 different countries will compete for both championship and Euroleague tickets. Valencia, Joventut Badalona and Lokomotiv Kuban will take part as former champions in the tournament. Polish club Slask Wroclaw and our representative Türk Telekom will take place in EuroCup years later. In addition, Hamburg Towers will appear for the first time. While 2 of the last 8 of the last season went to the Euroleague, the remaining 6 decided to continue. *** Now let’s get to the most exciting part of the job. Unlike previous seasons, there are important changes in EuroCup this season. The tournament played with 24 teams was reduced to 20 teams. In the regular season, there will be 2 groups with 10 teams each. The top 8 of the groups will compete in a single match with crossmatch in the top 16. Then, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final will be played over a single match. In other words, the champion team will have played 22 matches. The two finalists will get Euroleague tickets arm in arm. *** Everyone has a chance to win after entering the top 8 in the new format. This, of course, will intensify the competition. In addition, the level of combat will increase as teams will clash with more opponents. The EuroCup organization, which I criticized a lot for not being able to adapt to the pandemic conditions last year, has again become attractive to many teams due to its increasing income distribution model and the increased probability of participation in the Euroleague. It is also an important move that teams such as the Champions League can be granted a 3-year license for long-term planning. *** If we look at the new pre-season championship from Bursaspor’s point of view; The Green and Whites did not find what they expected in the European arena, where they appeared for the first time last year, and experienced many handicaps. The matches played one after the other, the calendars stuck in 1 week, the team got very tired and could not get rid of the disease. When there was no spectator in the stands, the taste of the struggle was gone. The extraordinary conditions experienced last year gave the team and the community experience, but it caused many losses in terms of sports, especially in BSL. But this year things have changed. Probably the Tribune will fill up again. The team, which has started to be established now, is much more assertive than last year’s group. I don’t know how it happened, but almost everyone in the city trusts Alimpijevic. *** Of course, it is important in which 10 teams Frutti Extra Bursaspor will take place in the group that will be drawn for the regular season next season. But the aftermath is open to all results. It will extend to the trophy that is in his day. Valencia and Virtus Bologna, the most budgeted teams of the organization, are still favorites before the matches begin, but there is no point in talking early as the squads of many more teams are not formed. This season EuroCup will be much more dynamic with a new excitement. After that dull format, there will be a lot of excitement especially for TOP 16 and beyond. In the adventure that started in Çekirge, Frutti Extra Bursaspor will be on the European stage again. And I hope his fans will be with him during the group stage!

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