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Kadir Şeker davasında flaş gelişme!

The incident occurred on the evening of February 5 last year, in the Yeni Istanbul Caddesi Piri Reis Park in the Selçuklu district. Kadir Şeker, who wanted to intervene in the incident on the grounds that Özgür Duran had beaten his lover b, stabbed Duran to death in the brawl. Şeker, who was taken into custody after the incident, was arrested in the courthouse where he was transferred. Şeker was sentenced to life imprisonment in the hearing held at the 3rd High Criminal Court, where he was tried for the crime of ‘deliberate murder’. On the grounds that the crime was committed under ‘unjust provocation’, the sentence was first reduced to 15 years and then to 12.5 years, considering Şeker’s good behavior at the trial. After the reasoned decision was announced, the Public Prosecutor’s Office appealed to the Konya Regional Court of Justice, stating that the ‘unjust provocation’ reduction should be applied at the highest limit. Kadir Şeker’s lawyers also objected to the decision, stating that the incident was self-defense. In the petition filed by the lawyers to the Konya Regional Court of Justice, it was stated that the incident that occurred while Kadir Şeker was trying to help a woman took place within the boundaries of self-defense. Even if the court would not accept self-defense, it was requested that Şeker’s acquittal and release be decided by applying the article of exceeding the limits of self-defense. Özgür Duran’s lawyers also appealed against the decision. The prison sentence was approved by the 1st Penal Chamber of the Konya Regional Court of Justice, the objections were rejected, and the file was sent to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court of Appeals General Prosecutor’s Office stated that the sentence was high and requested that the sentence be reversed in the 1st Penal Chamber. Kadir Şeker’s lawyer, Emrah Daylan, said, “The Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court of Appeals stated that the 12.5-year prison sentence given to Kadir Şeker today is high and requested the 1st Penal Chamber to reverse the decision. We are waiting for the decision of the 1st Criminal Chamber,” he said.

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