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The incident took place on Taş Cami street in Zeytinburnu Yeşiltepe neighborhood at around 19.00 yesterday evening. Allegedly, the conversation between a young man and a woman who started arguing in the street began to heat up. The man attacked the woman by removing the knife from her waist and stabbed her multiple times in different parts of her body. While the woman collapsed to the ground in blood, the man who stabbed the woman ran away from the scene. Police and medical teams were dispatched to the scene upon the notification of the surrounding citizens. The medical teams took the woman, who was lying on the ground in blood, to the hospital after making the first aid at the scene. Despite all the interventions of the medical teams, the woman could not be saved and died. Police teams have started work to catch the murder suspect. News Source: İhlas News Agency (İHA) Bursa news, Turkey News, Breaking news NEWS 16.COM breaking news with the title “Female murder in the middle of the street in Zeytinburnu” İhlas News Agency (İHA) ) on “15.09.2021” by the system automatically added to the “ASAYİŞ” news. The content of this news was published automatically by the agency without any editorial intervention by the editors of HABER16.COM. The legal addressee and responsible of all the articles, photographs and video contents of the news titled “Female murder in the middle of the street in Zeytinburnu”, which is included in the category of “ASAYİŞ” news, are from the agencies that mentioned the news.

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