Crocodile meets Samsunspor for the first 3 points

Crocodile meets Samsunspor for the first 3 points

Bursaspor will host Yılport Samsunspor in front of Bursaspor fans in the 5th week of the League. The fight, which will be played at Bitci Timsah Park Stadium, will start at 20:00. Referee Mustafa Kürşad Filiz will manage the fight between two strong teams. Mehmet Kapluhan and Oguz Kağan Calisir will be Filiz’s assistants. The fourth referee of the match will be Efe Tanriverdi. Bursaspor, the strongest team in the league in terms of market value, collected only 1 point in 4 weeks, while Samsunspor, which has a strong staff structure, played 3 matches and scored 6 points. Bursaspor, which is in the 18th place in the 19-team league despite only 4 weeks behind, will host Yılport Samsunspor at home this evening. Referee Mustafa Kürşad Filiz will blow the whistle in the challenging meeting, which will be played at Bitci Crocodile Park and will start at 20:00. Filiz’s assistants; Mehmet Kapluhan and Oğuz Kaan will work. BURSASPOR STARTED BADLY In Bursaspor, which had a coach change at the beginning of the season and brought Fatih Tekke to work, the young coach could not end the bad course. Bursa team, which has only one point against Adanaspor in the first week of the league; Leaving the field with a defeat in the next 3 matches, he anchored in the lower level of the league. 11 POINTS BEHIND THE LEADER Despite being at the top of the league, Bursaspor was 11 points behind the leader Ümraniyespor. Bursa representative, who has 7 points difference with the Play-Off line; It also follows Yılport Samsunspor, which it will face tomorrow, 5 points behind. While the Samsun team won 2 out of 3 matches, they left the field only once, losing.70. APPOINTMENTThe two teams will face each other for the 70th time with tomorrow’s fight. Bursaspor and Yılport Samsunspor, who had competed in various professional leagues and cups before, showed a balanced image in their past appointments. Bursaspor won 27 matches; Samsun team was victorious in 23 matches, and the remaining 19 matches left the field with a draw.EVINDA ÜSTÜNBursaspor draws attention with the superiority it established against the Samsun team in the home field. In the previous 33 matches played in Bursa, the green-whites left the field with a victory 19 times and established the upper hand. Samsun team won in 7 matches, while the other 7 matches were equalized. HOME OWNERS WON. Last season, the hosts won the victory in the struggle of the two teams that faced each other in the TFF 1st League for the first time in 6 years. While the green and white team won the match played in Bursa with a clear score of 3-0; In the match played in Samsun, the red and white team went to the result with a score of 4-1. Bursaspor won 4 of the last 7 matches it played with its opponent. FATİH TEKKE YENİLMEDİnter Fatih Tekke and Mehmet Altıparmak have faced various teams 4 times before. Tekke’s Denizlispor managed to beat Altiparmak’s BB Erzurumspor 2-1 in 2018; The other 3 matches were also draws. The two coaches finally faced each other in the Istanbulspor Hatayspor match, and the match ended 2-2.

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