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According to the Global Housing Price Index, we became the world leader in the increase in housing prices. In the second quarter of 2021, housing prices in Turkey increased by 29 per annum and brought this degree to our country. We are proud. Turkey was followed by New Zealand with an increase of 25.9 percent. As the prices increased astronomically, we learned that our contractors engaged in all kinds of Ali Cengiz games. It was around 320 thousand TL. That’s what it was worth. Our contractors took 150 thousand TL in advance from the people and sold their flats from the ground up. The apartments were to be delivered on average in 2 years. The buyer was happy, the seller was happy. A contractor who started work with half the money of the flat. He looked at his work comfortably… But the epidemic broke out. Costs rose. Some materials were hard to find. On top of that, credit campaigns were made. House prices skyrocketed. In an instant, the table changed 180 degrees in real estate. The contractor saw that if he gave the flat at the promised price, he would not be able to make a profit. He’ll be left with what he’s been doing in vain. “I quit construction. I went bankrupt. I will not be able to continue under these conditions. Unfortunately, I will not be able to do it. I’m done,” he said, crying and announcing that he was leaving the game… Everyone heard it in a short time, of course… What do you think happened after that? What would you do if you were in the place of those who gave a down payment of 150 thousand TL and bought flats? You were just trying to save your money. They did the same in Kayapa. Those who went after the contractor saved their money. And with a surplus of 30 thousand TL… The hero contractor gave 180 to those who gave 150. He didn’t hurt anyone. People were thankful that he had saved his money. Our contractor was also the epitome of honesty… The contractor who paid everyone his money while going bankrupt! Good luck to you! But was he really sincere? According to what we learned, our glorious contractor, who declared bankruptcy, received a one-third tax deduction from the state in return for continuing his work. In other words, one third of the tax debts were written off by the Ministry of Finance. Just so that employment could continue… The state supported him… He was the victim of the epidemic… Let’s say he had 12 million tax debt, it was reduced to 8 million… 4 million is in pocket… The contractor, who continues his work, this time 180 thousand TL He sold his flats, which he paid for and wasted, for 600 thousand TL. When he buys 300 thousand TL more from 60 flats, 18 million is in his safe, roughly… 22 million liras in an extra moment! Unjust gain by crying to the state and the customer! Oh wow… Awesome… May God bless you… Good work… Do you realize how many people lost their dues so that the contractor could see sunny days? Those who rely on our contractor to buy a flat from the foundation and take risks will not be able to own a house for the rest of their lives due to the high prices. There is a tax loss of the state. That means it’s out of our pockets. So we lost our contractor together… What happened now? Is this work? What good is it if you make money by defrauding the state? This is the situation… Maybe the state should take extra measures to detect abuse… Otherwise, we will experience the same more…

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