‘Complaint’ letter from Tanju Özcan to Bahçeli for his character in the Teşkilat TV series – News

Tanju Özcan

Bolu Mayor Tanju Özcan, who is on the agenda with his statements about refugees in Turkey, sent a letter to MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli because of the character of Köroğlu in the Teşkilat TV series. Özcan, who reacted to the fact that the name Köroğlu was given to “someone who works with Turkish enemies and traitors” in the series, made two demands from Bahçeli. Özcan asked Bahçeli to react to TRT for the incident in question and to warn about TRT’s broadcasting policy. ‘Our request is that you give the necessary reaction to TRT’ The letter Özcan sent to Devlet Bahçeli is as follows: “The name of Köroğlu, who was born and grew up in our Anatolian lands and became famous in the Turkish world with his bravery and bravery, unfortunately, in the TV series “Teşkilat”, with Turkish enemies. He was put on the same scale with someone who did business with traitors. This situation greatly upset us, the people of Bolu, who are Köroğlu’s grandchildren. It is an insult to the great Turkish nation and the Turkish world to be trampled on by our state in this way. It is even ignorance, ignorance, and ignorance of history. For this reason, as Köroğlu’s grandchildren, in order not to remain unresponsive to this ‘reputation assassination’ against the values ​​of the Turkish nation, TRT General I sent a letter to the manager, Zahid Sobacı, and asked him to immediately put an end to the ‘Köroğlu’ character in the series. e I asked him to apologize to the entire Turkish world, especially the people of Bolu. The whole world knows the local and national stance and nationalist stance of your Excellency. In this direction, as your Atatürk nationalist brother who always respects us, I have deemed it appropriate to inform you with purely national feelings. ‘We have two demands’ As Köroğlu’s Grandchildren, we have two requests from you. The first is to give the necessary reaction to TRT. When you read this letter, I am sure; You will not remain indifferent to this ignorance of history, this ignorance and this great shame made by TRT. Secondly, it is about the broadcasting policies of TRT, which continues its broadcasting life with the taxes of the Turkish nation. I think TRT needs to tidy itself up now. In other words, I would like you to bring this issue to the public agenda by stating that I wish TRT to return to its domestic, national and neutral line as before. With these feelings and thoughts, on behalf of myself, the people of Bolu, the Turkish nation, and the Turkish world, I would like to thank you in advance for the support you will give, and I offer my respect, love and conversation.”

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