Çavuşoğlu told the Minister about the dormitory problem of the students and gave news of hope!

Çavuşoğlu told the Minister about the dormitory problem of the students and gave news of hope!

On Friday… Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. Muharrem Kasapoğlu’s guest was Hakan Çavuşoğlu, AK Party Bursa Deputy and Chairman of the Parliamentary Human Rights Investigation Commission. During the meeting… Çavuşoğlu, the last Deputy Prime Minister, told Minister Kasapoğlu about the sports facility requests communicated to him during his visits. Then… He mentioned the dormitory problem of university students on the public agenda: “The biggest problem in Bursa is Bursa Technical University. Our municipalities are working on the space problem of the dormitory with a capacity of 550 girls and 500 boys, but we need to complete it as soon as possible.” When we called… Çavuşoğlu reminded the following about the dormitory issue that came to the agenda during the meeting with Kasapoğlu: “Since 2018, the dormitory capacity has exceeded 750 thousand from 180 thousand. In place of the wards of up to 30 people, there are now rooms for 2-4 people with toilet, bathroom, desk, television and internet. We should not forget where we came from.” Then… “As always, someone doesn’t get tired of it, and we won’t get tired of saying it either. Because there is still a game of perception,” he said, and pointed out: “If we put bunk beds in double rooms in the dormitories, the capacity will increase by 2 times, but there is no need. Because the system of the Ministry works.” He drew attention to the following: “While there were an average of 350 thousand applications for dormitories in the past, there were around 600 thousand applications this year. There is a problem caused by the effect of the pandemic.” At this point… Emphasizing that the social distance regulation of the dormitories is also a reason, he said, “It is brought up as if there is a big problem, but it is wrong.” “Still, we have efforts. Metropolitan, AK Party municipalities mobilized for temporary accommodation,” he said and gave the following message: “I have been a deputy for 10 years. Every year, when the university placement results are announced, the issue of dormitory comes to the fore. But it is solved by the first, second, third insertions. It will be resolved again in 1-1.5 months.” He added: “Of the 600 thousand applicants, 45,000 did not register for the dormitory.” Like an honorary compatriot of Bursa: Coming with investments Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu was the most incoming and investing in the last period, he worked as an honorary compatriot of Bursa. Hakan Çavuşoğlu, AK Party Bursa Deputy and Chairman of the Parliamentary Human Rights Investigation Commission, gave the following information: “Mr. Minister will come again soon. Bursa Technical University dormitory and rural sports investments are on the agenda.” Among them… There are astroturf pitches in Demirtaş sports complex and villages. Burak Dalgın explained the dormitory problem with examples from his student years. Let’s write it once more… DEVA Party Deputy Chairman Burak Dalgın is the grandson of our late İsmet Dalgın, the head of Hamzabey Primary School, who was the ANAP Spokesperson of Bursa Municipality Council between 1984-1989. Burak Dalgın, one of the young people who won the politics, deals with the current dormitory problem with his own examples: “I grew up in Muradiye, the ancient district of Bursa. I learned English at the public school Bursa Anatolian High School. I stayed and studied in the dormitory of the public university Boğaziçi. This is how my career, which spanned various countries, began.” His view is: “I have a personal issue with those who crippled equality of opportunity and those who make housing a luxury. The basis of my political adventure is that our young friends can access the opportunities I have.” His message is as follows: “We will pave the way for young people who are unable to get a proper English education in public schools, who earn a university with the means of their families, personal devotion, and hard work, but cannot find a dormitory.” President and New York memory President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the UN General Assembly at the beginning of the week and went to New York, the United States of America, to inaugurate the Turkevi. There were many people in the delegation, from politics to bureaucracy, from business and labor to civil society. AK Party Bursa Provincial Board Member Fuat Alpaslan, who was on the trip as a BTSO Assembly Member, came together with President Erdoğan after the opening. It will give life to tourism with Cennet Canyon and agriculture with its dam In history… It is mentioned as the first lands conquered by the Ottomans on their journey from Bilecik to Bursa. Günece Village of Yenişehir came to the fore with Cennet Canyon discovered 7 years ago. Efforts to bring the Cennet Canyon, which was discovered by mountaineers between Günece and Yarhisar, to tourism have begun. And now… Günece is on the agenda with its newly planned dam. Moreover… Günece Dam, for which DSI has made the project tender, will both prevent floods in Yenişehir Plain and give life to agricultural production, and will also be a source of life for the environment with its drinking water. For this purpose… DSI General Directorate’s project and planning tender was held last week and a contract was signed between DSI 1st Regional Manager Yüksel Tazegül and the contractor firm Saltek Engineering, which won the tender. The works, which have a duration of 540 days as per the tender, will begin in the coming days. Physicians sang from the stage in Harbiye Mudanya State Hospital Biochemistry Specialist Dr. Özlem Kaya achieved two successes with one project. First… He brought together 55 doctors from various cities in the album Physicians Singing-Volume 2. He donated all the income of the album to the Turkish Education Foundation for female students to study medicine. Weekdays… During the Zeynep Bastik concert in Istanbul Harbiye, they sang songs with their doctor friends in the album.

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