Caught with 20 pistols! Defense that made the woman say ‘give up’ – News

20 tabanca ile yakalandı! Kadından

Antalya KOM Branch Directorate, Public Security Branch JASAT Team, Manavgat KOM Team, Manavgat JASAT and Manavgat Gendarmerie Patrol Command teams were informed that DC and HM would bring the guns they supplied in Konya to Manavgat and sell them in the Kasaplar District of Manavgat district. simultaneous operation. Suspected persons were caught in the Butchers District during the operation. CAUGHT ON THE BALCONY, FIRST REJECTED, THEN CONFLIED. The teams, who took precautions in the park where the guns will be delivered, seized the woman named DC with 20 9-minimeter pistols and 20 magazines belonging to these guns in her bag in the park. In line with the instruction received by informing the Public Prosecutor on Duty, a magazine was seized during the search of D.Ç.’s house in the same neighborhood, while the gendarmerie teams that made the search saw a person hiding on the balcony of the house. The person, whose name was determined to be HM, said that he was DC’s friend in the first place, and that he hid on the balcony after the mess. Confessing to the persistent questions of the gendarmerie teams, HM said that DC hired him to bring something from Konya in exchange for 3 thousand liras, and that he was waiting for the delivery of the weapons because he could not get his money. “I DID IT TO MARRY MY CHILD” DC, who said that he brought the guns from Konya and that he would receive 3 thousand liras per gun from the person to whom he would deliver them in Manavgat, said, “I was going to marry my child. But I didn’t have a penny. I accepted this job in order to marry my child. I delivered the guns to the person who came to the park. I was going to take my money, but when the person saw the gendarmes, he didn’t stop and ran away”, which made him say ‘give up’. The questioning of the two suspects, who were detained by the Gendarmerie, continues.

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