Bursa Sancak – Prof. Dr. Çiftdoğan: Vaccination is very important in children

Bursa Sancak - Prof. Dr. Çiftdoğan: Vaccination is very important in children

İzmir Katip Çelebi University Faculty of Medicine Department of Pediatrics Head and İzmir Tepecik Training and Research Hospital Pediatric Infectious Diseases Training Clinic Education and Administrative Officer Prof. Dr. Dilek Yılmaz Çiftdoğan said that there has been an increase in Covid-19 cases in children. Çiftdoğan said, “The most important strategy for us in the control of the Covid-19 pandemic was mask, social distance and hygiene. Now we have another very important weapon, the Covid-19 vaccine. Many countries have made great progress in adult immunization, now it’s children’s turn, but when we look at it, it’s still adults. “There are countries that have not been able to reach the vaccine even in Turkey. As of October 5, in our country, all children, adolescents and adults aged 12 years and older have been given the right to immunize against Covid-19,” he said. INCREASE IN THE EARLY AGE GROUP Emphasizing that vaccination is important for face-to-face education, Prof. Dr. “Vaccination is an important strategic approach in the control of Covid-19, not only for protecting our children, but also for their families and other adults with whom they come in contact,” said Çiftdoğan. Mentioning the recent increase in pediatrics and adolescent age group, Çiftdoğan said, “There is a slight increase, especially in the early age group, but a significant portion of these cases are treated as outpatients. Again, more hospitalizations in children with diseases such as obesity, type 1 diabetes, chronic lung and heart disease. We see it happening,” he said. ‘We are fighting with the table we call MIS-C’ Stating that he does not agree with the views that children should not be vaccinated, Çiftdoğan said, “We know that there are hospitalizations especially in children with risk factors. We emphasize that we have findings that require inpatient treatment and even need oxygen respiratory support. Not only Covid-19, but also defined in children. There is a special situation. We deal with this group of diseases in children more than Covid-19. We are fighting a picture we call ‘MIS-C’, which goes with multi-organ inflammation 4 months, maybe more, after suffering from Covid-19. ‘MIS-C’ In this situation, which we call heart failure, we see cases that require intensive care and may even result in death, such as heart failure, enlargement of the heart vessels, encephalitis, longer-term fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea and rashes, as well as failures in multiple organs and systems. ” said. prof. Dr. Çiftdoğan emphasized that vaccination can prevent children from transmitting Covid-19 to family members and other adults, and MIS-C can also be prevented. Irmak Koca (25), married and mother of 2 children, caught Covid-19 with his son Tunahan Koca (4), also talked about the disease process. Stating that they caught Covid-19 from their mother, Koca said, “Psychologically, people are affected involuntarily. You want to sleep all the time. You don’t want to move. Thank God, I have not observed any negativity in my child.”

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