ATB President Bilgiç: “Cotton support should be 1.5 TL” – Economy News, News


Stating that the price of unseed cotton registered by Adana Commodity Exchange as ‘Cukurova Cotton’ with Geographical Indication should be 9-10 TL, Chairman Bilgiç said, “This is a condition for sustainability. As cotton cultivation areas shrink, Turkey buys cotton from abroad. In 2020, slightly more than the cotton produced in Turkey was imported. This increases the current account deficit in the country’s economy. Stating that white gold cotton, the symbol of Çukurova and Adana, should return to its old days, Bilgiç continued: “In 2020, cotton was planted on approximately 230 thousand decares of land in Adana. The production amount is about 125 thousand tons. In Çukurova, about 600 thousand decares of cotton were planted. 320 thousand tons of unseed cotton was collected. In 2020, approximately 1 million 700 thousand tons of unseed cotton were produced throughout Turkey. In the 1940s, more than half of the total cotton produced in Turkey was supplied from the Çukurova Region. Our exports with cotton products started at that time, even if it was small. Cotton production with high added value in our Çukurova should definitely increase. Since the climate and soil in every region of our country are not suitable Cotton is not grown. are getting narrower. Some turned into citrus. There are producers who turn to different products, but my suggestion is that cotton should be planted in the fields and lands where cotton is grown, no matter where in Turkey. Buying more than 500 kilos of cotton per decare in Adana is a good figure.” News Source: İhlas News Agency (İHA) Bursa news, Turkey News, Breaking news on HABER16.COM.”ATB President Bilgiç: “The support in cotton is 1.5 The breaking news titled “TRY must be TL”” was automatically added by the system to the “ECONOMY” news on “14.09.2021” by İhlas News Agency (İHA). The content of this news was published automatically by the agency without any editorial intervention by the editors of HABER16.COM. ATB President Bilgiç, which is in the category of “ECONOMY” news: The legal addressee and responsible of all the text, photo and video contents of the news titled “Cotton support should be 1.5 TL” are the agencies mentioned in the news.

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