Another mosque is being closed in France – News


In a written statement from the Sarthe Governorate in France, it was claimed that there were people affiliated with or close to the “radical Islamist movement” in the mosque, which has a congregation of 300 people, and that the sermons encourage acts of terrorism, violence, hatred, discrimination, “martyr” and the establishment of “shariah”. . In the statement, which stated that there is a Quran course with 110 students in the mosque, it was claimed that the importance of “armed jihad” was explained in the course. “BANK ACCOUNTS WILL BE SEEN” In the statement, it was stated that, upon the request of Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, necessary procedures were initiated to close this mosque. In the news of Le Figaro newspaper on the subject, it was noted that the bank accounts of 8 people connected to this mosque will be confiscated. Government Spokesperson Gabriel Attal stated that they do not make any concessions against “Islamism”, hatred and radicalization, “When the Republic is attacked, it has to respond to it. It should respond strongly. We wanted the necessary procedures to be initiated to close the mosque.” used the phrase. ONE THIRD OF 89 MOSQUES WAS CLOSED, Interior Minister Darmanin told Le Figaro newspaper on September 29 that 650 places where “extremists” were in the country were closed and 24 thousand places were inspected by the police before the “separatist” law came into effect. Darmanin stated that as a result of the inspections carried out in 89 mosques since November 2020, with the claim that they have “radicalized”, one-third of them have been closed. FRANCE ADMINISTRATION IS CRITIZED DUE TO THE LAW The French administration has been criticized for interfering in the lives of Muslims with its “separatist” law, which it adopted in August. Among the main issues addressed by the law are impartiality in public service and compliance with the principles of the republic, polygamy and forced marriage, restriction of distance education, reviewing the status of private schools, and the auditability of associations both in terms of activity and finance.

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