Angry father cut off his son’s path and dropped bullets

Angry father cut off his son's path and dropped bullets

In the incident that took place in Burak District of Şehitkamil District, father MZS and his son VS, who had been hostile for a while, had an argument at home in the morning. After the discussion, the father, whose anger did not stop, started to argue again by cutting the vehicle of his son with his car, who got away by getting into his car. 4 FIRES TAKEN FIRE The debate, which flared up in a short time, also fired 4 shots at his son V.S with a pump-gun next to MZS. VS injured in his right leg with the nonsense coming out of the pump was caught in the flows. Those who saw the incident reported the situation to the 112 Emergency Call Center. The father, who escaped with the police vehicle, who came to the scene in a short time, caught MZS and detained him. VS remained in blood was transferred to Şehitkamil State Hospital by ambulance after the first intervention by 112 Emergency Medical Teams. While the police started an investigation at the scene, it was learned that the injured V.S was in good health.

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