600 classrooms in quarantine in Bursa schools

600 classrooms in quarantine in Bursa schools

In the Covid-19 case table shared by Health Minister Fahrettin Koca; It was announced that nearly 600 classes were quarantined in Bursa, which is among the provinces with the highest number of cases in Turkey with 363.75 cases per 100 thousand. Provincial Health Director Yavuzyılmaz said that many people, from kindergarten students to young people going to university, have been diagnosed with Covid-19. Pointing out that there are mothers who lost their lives after giving birth because they were afraid of being vaccinated during pregnancy, Yavuzyılmaz stated that there has been a lot of density in hospitals recently. Yavuzyılmaz invited everyone to get vaccinated at open stands until 24.00. ‘OUR AVERAGE VACCINE DOWNLOAD TO 10 THOUSANDS PER DAY’ Provincial Health Director Yavuzyılmaz stated that daily vaccination has decreased from 80 thousand to 10 thousand and said, “Unfortunately, there has been a serious increase in the increase in cases in Bursa in the last 2-3 weeks. In the list announced by our Minister of Health, Bursa is among 10 provinces. There are and at high levels. Bursa is a city of immigration, so this case is reflected in our province. Universities and schools have opened, and we are experiencing an intensity brought by this. Unfortunately, we are experiencing an increase in cases in places where people are uncontrollably dense. We have also become too normal in our mask distance rules, but again by increasing these measures. We can eliminate this issue. Vaccine is the biggest weapon we have, we don’t have a bigger weapon than the vaccine at the moment. We will attach importance to precautions and vaccination. Therefore, we invite everyone who has an incomplete or no vaccination to be vaccinated as soon as possible. The number of cases in age groups is higher in younger ages. From kindergarten to primary school, high school, and gradually even in the university parts, serious cases started to appear. We started to see That’s why we invite everyone to get vaccinated. There were times when we made 70-80 thousand vaccines a day, but now our average has dropped to 10 thousand. We do not have a shortage of vaccines everywhere, we vaccinate until night hours, including weekends,” he said. “We have maternal losses,” Yavuzyılmaz said, “Unfortunately, we have maternal losses in pregnant women and postpartum women. This makes us very sad. There is a misconception that our ministry has published in the Scientific Committee guide that pregnant women can get vaccinated at any time. That’s why pregnant women and puerperant women definitely need to be vaccinated,” he said. “HIGHEST CASE NUMBER IN SCHOOLS IN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS” Stating that students have relaxed the precautions with face-to-face education, Provincial Health Director Yavuzyılmaz stated that the cases have increased especially in high school students. Yavuzyılmaz invited students to be vaccinated, ” We need to take precautions in schools. Our schools had to be opened and we, as all ministries, are doing our best. We need to be very careful everywhere, from services to classrooms and canteens. We do not have a closed school in Bursa, but we have 500-600 classroom quarantines. That’s why we need to increase sensitivity so that our children do not fall behind in face-to-face education. When we look at the average in kindergartens, primary schools and high schools, the highest number of cases are among high school students. Our adolescents are a little more relaxed, but our children better follow the instructions given, but this sensitivity decreases as the age group increases. Vaccinations are made at the request of families up to the age of 12, and we invite families to get vaccinated in this regard,” he said.

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